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About Us

About Us

Full control over production, combined with slim organization is the best way to keep a close watch over the cost.

We offer the Best Engine Valves services.

Microtech Industries was established in the year 1975 with a small production capacity.But over the years, through our commitment, dedication and trust from clients,our products have been accepted worldwide. With our products selling in over 108 countries, we have continuously upgraded and increased our production capacity and manufacturing capability to meet the growing customer demands.
With Engine valves as our main product, we are one among the rarest companies to specialize in manufacturing customized engine valves which ensembles the particular segment and industry.

  • Trim & Efficient organization of engineers, supervisors & administrators dedicated to on-time delivery of products.

  • Strategic location which gives us an access to a wide choice of casting foundries, forging units, skilled & cheap manpower, which consequently help us remain cost effective.

  • Full control over production, combined with slim organization is the best way to keep a close watch over the cost.

  • Diverse Product Range catering to various industries.

  • Supply network all over the world

  • Focus on customer satisfaction

Our Services

Our Services

As a firm, we always strive to serve the consumer with utmost precision in all the products.Our strength lies in responding to the needs of a consumer and their expectations. 

    Forging Facilities

    • Open & close die forging

    • Induction heater machine

    • Hydraulic gredhering machine

    • Hammer machine

    • Hydraulic & mechanically power press

    Tools & Die shope

    • CAD/CAM facility

    • Precision CNC turning Center and vertical machining center for Forgine die macking

    Process Facilities

    • Shot blasting

    • Straightening

    • Hard crome on Valve steam dia

    • Nitriding

    • Botton welding

    • Friction welding for bimetallic valves

    • Stelit seat and strelit tip

    Machining Facilities

    • High speed CNC Turning Center

    • High speed VMC

    • Lathe machines

    • Drilling machine

    • Special purpose machine

    • Centerless Grinding machine

    • Special purpose grinding machine for valves Seat grinding

    • Induction heating machine for valves tip and valves Seat Hardning

    Quality control

    • Matallugical laboratory with spectrometer for raw material testing

    • Tensile strength testing machine

    • Brinnell, Rockwell and vicker hardness testing machine

    • Megnafid crack detector

    • Profile projector

    • Mearsuring equipment like verniers, micrometers, slip gauge, comparator stand with dial gauge

    Engine Parts

    • Engine Valve

    • Engine valve guide

    • Engine valve seat Inserts